• Details of the couple:
    • Johnny is a chef
    • Covid restrictions
    • Their 3rd year anniversary is to be celebrated soon
    • Very frequently play and love the board game Sequence
    • Fernanda appreciates romantic moments to be private
    • The view from their balcony is one of their favorite view’s

Johnny suggested to Fernanda that he could cook them a delicious dinner on the balcony around sunset time to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary, she loved the idea. After a great dinner and opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate, they cleared the table and brought out Sequence to play as per usual. However, this game would end a bit differently. Halfway through the game Fernanda flipped over a card that seemed normal from the top side but as she flipped it over it was white and read “5 things that I love about you”, she continued to flip and read the next 5 cards, blushing and filled will emotions she flipped the sixth card which read “Will you marry me?”. In that moment Johnny put the ring on the board and got down on one knee! He couldn’t imagine a better woman to spend endless nights playing sequence and creating a life with.

Photographer: Adrian Ortega