Meet Ana Paula and Carlos.

  • Details of the couple:
    • Michael wanted a proposal as epic as their love
    • Natasha travels quite frequently to Morocco
    • Natasha loves to belly dance 
    • Michael is very close with his sister (Mel) and wanted her there for this special moment
    • Both very successful people who love luxury and enjoying life to the fullest

The proposal day started off with Michael telling Natasha that they were going to go for a hike in Whistler and had invited along his sister, sister’s fiancé and one last friend, Misha (the photographer hired for the day). Right before arriving to the Helicopter pad Michael blind folded Natasha and told her he wanted to surprise her with an astonishing view. As they arrived, they helped her out of the car and removed the blind fold. Overjoyed, all five passengers took a helicopter ride up to Rainbow Glacier, in-between mountain peaks, where Michael proposed! Natasha was overwhelmed with joy and said YES! Afterwards, Michael told Natasha they would go out for dinner to celebrate, so they headed to Mel’s house to freshen up. Once Natasha was ready they brought her out to the backyard where she was surprised once more by a luxurious Moroccan themed picnic and dinner prepared by a private chef. The theme matched her so well that even her outfit (which was not planned) suited the picnic perfectly! This amazing day could have happily ended here, however we had one more trick up our sleeves… a live performance by four belly dancers! Natasha loved this so much she even joined them and danced the evening away. 

Photographer: Misha Krutiy

Picnic: Peaks and Picnics

Belly dancers: Shimmy for the Soul

Cake: Eppich Cakes