• Details of the couple:
    • Julia’s favourite flowers are orange roses
    • Had their first kiss at that pier
    • Julia is especially close to her best friend, mother and aunt
    • Julia’s favorite treat is a chocolate croissant
    • Paul is finds it easier to express his feelings by writing

On this special morning Paul left a single orange rose, a chocolate croissant and a simple note saying “I Love You” on the kitchen table for Julia to find when she woke up later. Paul then left the apartment to meet with our team. Julia’s best friend Erika was asked previously to take Julia to the pier for a nice brunch. Julia woke up, saw the surprise and then continued to get ready to meet her best friend for brunch. As the two ladies arrived at the pier Erika confessed that she had part of a letter written by Paul, as she read it out loud Julia’s heart started racing! As her friend finished reading Julia saw her mother standing at the pier, as she walked over to her mom they hugged and was read another letter, this continued with her favorite aunt after. As Julia had all three cards she noticed that put together they spelt out “Will you marry me?”. In the middle of the pier Paul stood there with a bouquet of orange roses, Julia saw him and rushed towards him! Paul got down on one knee and Julia busted out in tears of joy!

Photographer: Adrian Ortega